Data Access

Example usages to search and use metadata to access data via the EO-MQS.

Please note that this is still work in progress.


STAC Items usually contain links to assets like preview images, metadata files and to the actual data products. This can be handled by each data provider individually. An example to search for files within the EODC cloud environment and to use the actual data is shown below:

>>> from pystac_client import Client

>>> mqs ="")

>>> search_results =
...     collections=["EODC|sentinel1-grd"],
...     bbox=[9.5,46.0,48.5,49.5],
...     datetime=['2022-01-01T00:00:00Z', '2022-06-01T00:00:00Z'],
...     max_items=5)

>>> for item in search_results.items():
...     zip_file = item.assets['safe-zip'].extra_fields['alternate']['local']['href']
...     thumbnail_full = item.assets['thumbnail'].extra_fields['alternate']['local']['href']
...     thumbnail_rel = thumbnail_full.split(zip_file)[1][1:]
...     print(zip_file)
...     print(thumbnail_full)
...     print(thumbnail_rel)


# work with ZIP archive e.g. using `zipfile <>`__.

HTTP(S) Access

It will also be possible to directly access assets via the web. The example above makes use of the alternate assets provided for EODC data access from e.g. VMs within the cloud.

The default asset href points to a server that provides access to the individual assets via HTTP.